I have a lifetime long passionate bond to nature, hunting, outdoor living and sport-fishing.


It all started in very young age with angling for perch and roach together with my father.


From then to this day most of the common fishing methods and species have ben a target for my curiosity.  


All this years with thousands of hours in deep forests with streaming water, freshwater lakes and saltwater adventures  have giving me  a great experience and know-how in sport-fishing and seamanship.


Abel's Laxtrolling and Charter is a childhood dream come true. The opportunity to share all the experience and everything else our nature give us.  To go fishing is so much more than a good catch. To go fishing is to enjoy our nature, showing it respect and to be a part of it. A good catch is a great bonus and make a good experience even better.

/ Daniel


Abel's Laxtrolling and Charter will always do it's best to deliver 100% satisfied customers.

Let us know what you have for expectations and packeting wishes.